Welcome to Ignite's Exploring Self-Employment e-learning course! Are you ready to turn passion into possibility?

At Ignite, we have years of experience supporting people to discover the skills and supports needed to become self-employed.

This self-paced course will go through the four areas that we know contribute to business success. It also helps you decide if you are ready to become your own boss!

Exploring self-employment e-module

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Course overview
This course covers basics of starting a business in easy-to-understand language. You'll learn the difference between a hobby and a business and figure out if your idea could make a good business. We'll help you discover your strengths and skills, and how they fit into your business plan.

 Study time: There is no time limit on this course, and you can return to any section at any time. This course is designed to be done in your own time, at your own pace, and in any order you find useful.


  • Hobby vs Business
  • What does a business need?
  • Benefits of having a business
  • Business plan
  • Marketing overview
  • Branding
  • Financial care overview
  • Business community
  • Stengths, weaknesses, opportunities & challenges

Whether you're just starting out with a big idea, already have a business and need a bit of help, or you're just curious about what it takes to run a business,
this course is for you.

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