Introduction to culturally responsive practice

As Australia's population becomes increasingly culturally diverse, organisations and business are seeking to grow their workforce's confidence and capability to engage with cultural diversity in positive and inclusive ways.

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SSI’s diverse workforce collectively speak over 100 languages and each year deliver services to 60,000+ people.

We understand the unique capabilities needed to work inclusively with our culturally diverse communities.

We embed that know-how from 20+ years' experience into our training, making it relevant, practical and engaging.


Introduction to culturally responsive practice

This e-learning module is designed for government, non-government, and business organisations to grow their workforce capabilities to work with and provide services to Australia’s culturally diverse community.

This e-module will assist organisations to:
  • create a common understanding and language across their workforce
  • build their workforce confidence and capability to engage with cultural diversity in positive and inclusive ways
  • enhance delivery of culturally responsive services

Working with
language services

Australia is a vibrant multicultural nation with 429 languages spoken and 22.8% of the population speaking a language other than English at home.

Working with professional interpreters is a key skill needed to ensure equitable access to services and quality client outcomes.

This e-learning explores how we can improve our interactions and communication when working with a professional interpreter.


  • Recruit and retain high-performing staff from diverse backgrounds.
  • Build innovative solutions with diverse perspectives.
  • Access new, diverse clients and customers.
  • Enhance service delivery.
  • Meet and exceed diversity goals and benchmarks.
  • Contribute to social justice and equity.

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Our expectations were exceeded. The course was not only designed as an enjoyable learning experience, it provided our staff everything they needed to know. This course also aligned beautifully with the follow-on in-room experience by SSI, where our staff have been able to focus on how to put this knowledge into action in their everyday roles. Our staff have found this next-level course exceptionally valuable, and demonstrated consistently that the skills they have learned have easily been applied back on the job.
Nikki Cox, Organisational Development Coordinator (L&D Lead), City of Logan
SSI diversity training

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